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And if you're someway just like them, than I am you to some degree

Ok, Warped recap. We started off our day bright and early at like... 8:30, blegh. I really did not feel good. BWE, we left at like 10:30 after Virginia watches "MakeDamnSure" for the 4156321638102 time. Got the the ferry around 11:00, thankfully made it to the Tweeter for TAI... or else I think Virginia may have actually killed someone. I had a realllly good view of them the entire set.

Then we had us some umm...We Are the Fury. I forgot. The lead singer Jeremy is hella amusing. We got to meet him later on in the day. I think we stopped him from going into the bathroom. But we still got to meet him and take picutres. OOOOO at one point we were inside getting drinks and stuff and I saw Mike Carden and Adam T. Siska walking by and all I could manage was "OOOOOOOO!!!" I reached out w/ my jazz hands.

Then we had to stand through Cartel. I still don't like them. I really had to go to the bathroom and I was like nonono, I'll wait till after Valencia cause I'll never get back to where I am (2nd row-ish.) But that quickly changed when people crushed and I came this close to peeing myself, not that anyone would've noticed with all my sweat.

Valencia was just as amazing as the other 5 times I've seen. Brandon actually remembered me. He was like "I've definately talked to you many times." My goal is to see them a total of 10 times before the year is out, so I need 4 more Valencia performances. As soon as they were done, I was like 'I wanna see Valencia again!' They're just that good.

Then we saw H to E to LLO, Hellogoodbye on the microphone. G double O DBYE, I got no rhythm and I can't sing. They had inflatable animals and bananas and beer. They did a cover of "What's My Age Again?" Then was Motion City Soundtrack. I reallllllllly like them a lot. I want to see them again. Justin was talking about how Jesse is the only one without a mic because if he has one he subjects them to 30 bad renditions of Debbie Gibson songs. And he dedicated "LG FUAD" to Winona Ryder. I think Justin has an obsession with her.

So that was that, fun like last year except we were more prepared and no sunburn. (vs. the rhinovirus.) So ACCEPTED comes out on firday...who is going with me??!!??!! Then the week after...MOTHERFUCKING SNAKES ON A MOTHERFUCKING PLANE!!!!!!!


1. Hanson
2. N*SYNC x2
3. Jimmy Eat World x2
4. Desaperacidos (Conner Oberst's old band)
5. The Promise Ring
6. HIM x2
7. Soil
8. Kenny Wayne Shepard
9. Ted Nugent (go ahead...laugh it up)
10. ZZ Top (see above)
11. MEST
12. Goldfinger
13. Good Charlotte
14. The Format
15. Taking Back Sunday
16. MXPX
17. Saosin
18. My Chemical Romance x2
19. Fall Out Boy
20. Avenged Sevenfold
21. The Starting Line (it was at Warped last year...and from a distance..and the last 20 minutes of their set but I'm still counting them!)
22. Day of Contempt
23. Alexisonfire
24. H2O
25. 30 Seconds to Mars
26. Street Drum Corps
27. The Used
28. Reggie and the Full Effect
29. Alkaline Trio
30. The Smashup x2 (if you ever get the chance to see them...don't)
31. October Fall x2
32. Valenica x6
33. My American Heart x3
34. Morningside Drive
35. JParis
37. Jealousy Curve
38. Taking Cadence
39. Agent Sparks (see The Smashup)
40. Greely Estates
41. A Change of Pace
42. The Confession
43. Hit the Lights
44. David Melillo
45. Hellogoodbye x3
46. Big City Rock
47. The Click Five
48. Acceptance
49. Panic! at the Disco x2
50. The Academy Is... x2
51. Hawthorne Heights (at Warped)
52. Cute is What We Aim For x2
53. New Atlantic
54. This Providence
55. The Forecast
56. June
57. AFI x2 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
58. Dillinger Escape Plan
59. Nightmare of You
60. The Hush Sound
61. the Dresden Dolls (BLEGH)
62. Bad Acid Trip
63. The Mars Volta
64. System of a Down
65. Fireball Ministry (ft. Jess Margera)
66. Skindred
67. Finch
68. Lorene Drive
69. theAudition
70. Emanuel
71. Fairview
72. The High Court (also very good)
73. Liam and Me
74. Madison
75. New London Fire
76. Rediscover
77. The Matches
78. We Are The Fury
79. Cartel
80. Motion City Soundtrack
81. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

This is my edited band seeing list of patheticness.
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