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Maybe I'll just take a swim in the formaldahyde with the squid

Ok, so, last nite was pretty awesome. Front effing row for the Matches. I had more Shawn Harris spit/sweat on me than I think I ever wanted to. At one point (this is gonna be kinda gross) he spit and like, I saw the spit droplet coming toward me and I tried to deflect it (she got hit in the face with a tire!!) and it was comin' at me like slow motion Matrix style and it landed rite in my mouth. It was like making out with Shawn Harris...ummm, yeah. After their set I stole a set list and Virginia raided the stage to get picks. I can only find half of mine. I seriously almost got in a fight with this girl cause she tried to get in front of me so I 'elbowed' her (I shoved her outta my way) and she got all pissy. I GOT TO DRINK SHAWN'S GERMS!!!! And I got to wear his frameless white glasses. Then Jon's guitar almost hit me in the face at one point (like that Goodyear) and I got hug Justin after he was all sweaty and stuff. And this morning I went to pick up the shirt I wore last nite to wash it, and it was still wet from my/other people/Shawn/Justin's sweat. Amazing.

BTW, this song I'm listening to is ridiculously catchy.

oooooooooooooohhhhhhh, PEEEEEETEEEEERRRR!!!
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