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I like your camera. You have a real camera not a fake digital one...

AFI was last nite. First off, the Despair Faction (official fan club) was having a meet and greet lottery. They were going to have a computer randomly pick 25 people to meet the band before the show. Guess who was picked...MEEEEE!!!! I was so happy I cried. Cathy waited outside for like 7 hours until I was done work. Smith came out around 4:55ish to get peoples' names on the list that were in the meet and greet. I wished him a happy belated birthday and he was like "aww, thank you so much!" We were supposed to be let into the m&g at 5, but we didn't go until 6. Adam was super nice. He actually came over to us. First person I talked to was Jade. It seemed as if he didn't wanna be there. He could just be shy though. He has a little bit of a sissy handshake and he is very boney. I thought his shoulder blade was gonna poke a hole in my hand.

Hunter was nice and he was funny. I told him how nervous I was and he pulls out this little action figure and was like "Here, shake his hand too. It will make you feel better." He signed my stuff and then I'm pretty sure when we took a picture he had the action figure on there. Adam was mos def the nicest. I went up to him and was like "I really wish I had more to say to you but I'm so nervous." He was just like "Aww, don't be nervous...I won't bite." Then I took the picture with him and as I was about to walk away he grabs my wrist and goes, "I like your camera. You have a real camera not a fake digital one." I had disposable obviously. I just laughed. Now here is the sad part...Davey left before I could meet him. I was upset.

So Smith escorted us out until they were finished soundcheck and we were let in first. I couldn't believe it. I was right in the front row right where Hunter plays. Then Virginia comes walking in and completely doesn't see this little ledge thing and falls over it. It was pretty funny. Ok so openers: Nightmare of You was pretty good. They played the 2 songs that I know so that was a bonus. Dillinger Escape Plan...I still have no idea what happened during their set. Not a big fan of their music, but the live show is pretty awesome. The lead singer started climbing a rope ladder the was hanging over the audience at one point. And if I was epileptic I would've had a seizure from all the flashing lights.

And then came a little band called A Fire Inside, perhaps you've heard of them. The lights went out and people starting screaming, then they starting playing the bells in the beginning of "Prelude 12/21." But when Davey walked on stage is when everyone really started going nuts. I screamed every word to every song. It was amazing. After "Prelude" they did "Girls not Grey," "The Leaving Song Pt. 2," "Death of Seasons," "Dancing through Sunday," "Days of the Phoenix" (I started crying during that one,) "Silver and Cold" (Virginia cried during that one,) "Kill Caustic," "Love like Winter," "Miss Murder," "God Called in Sick Today," "Totalimmortal," "Morningstar," and "A Single Second," in no particular order.

When Davey introduced "A Single Second," he looked at this kid in the front row and goes "This song is older than you." I screamed to Davey that he was my hero. I think he may have heard me too. Then I one point I swore he was looking at me. Virginia said "Yeah, he definately was, he pointed at you too." During "God Called in Sick Today" he of course walked on the crowd and then when he got down he was like 2 feet away from me. I nearly died. Now to pick on the crowd: There was this girl behind me that was prolly the most annoying person ever. She apparently thought that my back was table and kept leaning her elbows on me. Now the spot she kept jabbing me hurts real bad. And so does my one arm, I think from leaning on the guard rail and I think I pulled a muscle in my other arm from pumping my arm during all of "Miss Murder." So then this girl behind me starts going on about how she isn't a little kid (someone was apparently saying that she was a little kid or something like that) and that she was a college sophomore and was showing people her Syracuse University id. I'm like 'who cares, cause I don't.' Then she was complaining about my hair being in the way cause she didn't want it catchin on her lip piercing and I felt like turning around and saying, 'then go somewhere else cause my hair isn't going anywhere.'

So afterwords, we bought stuff. I bought a blue shirt with snakes on it and a Despair Faction tour shirt. We went around the back to try and see Davey but Adam came out and Ebon was like "come around the front, this is a diversion." So we did and I ran to the car to get my Davey issue of AP and by the time I got back, they were all in the van and left. I was upset. Virginia said that Davey was wearing a bandana and it was tied all girly and he did this really gay wave/wink/smile thing. I was like 'oh man, I missed it!' But seriously, best night of my life. I think I may have converted Virginia. If not, at least she understands why I am how I am with AFI. I can't wait to see them again, hopefully in the near future. Greatest...night...of my life.
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Freaking amazing! I wish they would come to FL. :(

That action figure Hunter had was a ninja, it's his good luck charm. That's so cute that he brought it out for you to shake hands with!

I'm uber jealous.