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Do you think they'll mass produce Wes' cool FFTL underpants??

So, AFI is in...3 days. You have no idea how incredibly excited I am. And maybe I'll win the DF lottery thing and get to meet them. I may actually cry if that joke. And I joined the KVLT, which is FFTL's official fan club. I have some awesome DVDs on the way...Velvet Goldmine, Party Monster, and Thumbsucker. Warped is in like, 40 days or something. Which means FFTL, MCS, TAI..., Aiden and the WALL OF DEATH!!!!1, Flashlight Brown, Chiodos, ummm...and other bands that WEARETHEFURYOMG!!! Sorry, just remembered. OOO, Valencia and hopefully MAH, and Lorene Drive is playing the Ernie Ball stage which is exciting also. So lots of awesome things happening, I'm so excited about AFI that I may actually combust with joy...RIDE THE WINGS OF A DEADLY EPIDEMIC!!!

PEE ESS-Shaant is one of the sweetest people ever!!!
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