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License and registration meow

So, Florida was fun. Let's recap:

Day 1: Got to Orlando Int'l around...3:30ish. Got to the hotel by about 5. Went straight to Magic Kingdom. That was fun. First ride we went on was of course, Space Mountain. Now, I've been on this planet for 18 years and have never once been on a real roller coaster until that night. I now love roller coasters. Then we went on Small World, which made me wanna shoot myself. Then I think we did, a Snow White ride, a Winnie the Pooh ride, a carousel, and the damn teacups that shoudl definately have seatbelts!!

Day 2: Went to Sea World...for like 10 hours. That was fun. We saw Shamu, a dolphin show, and a seal and sea otter show. Me and Virginia went on this coaster called Kraken. It has like loops and stuff. Half way up the climb I wondered what the hell I was doing. Then we went on the semi log flume Atlants which was ok. I bought a sword and a pirate flag :)

Day 3: We went to...MGM. We did a wousand and 1 shows, (Beauty and the Beast, Aerial, 3-D Muppets, etc.) And we did Tower of Terror and Aerosmith's Rock n' Roller Coaster which was great fun. We stayed until they closed so we could see the light/firework show Fantasmic, which was pretty good.

Day 4: Epcot. Would've been a lot funner if every ride didn't have like a 70 minute wait. We went on Spaceship Earth which was very relaxing. We did some dinosaur ride with Ellen DeGeneres and BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY!! I think we did the DINOSAUR ride there too. Which Virginia was petrified on and I have never laughed so hard in my life. Oh, and either Chip or Dale dissed my Fall Out Boy shirt. We did Mission: Space. That was awesome. And Soarin'. Makes feel like you're flying.

Day 5: This was...Animal Kingdom. Definately one of the hottest days yet. We waited about an hour to do a 20 minute safari. I reallyreallyreally wanted to go on Expedition Everest. But again, the popular 70 minute wait sign appeared. We did this 3-D Bug's Life thing too. That was cool. We didn't stay very long here. Went to Magic Kingdom that night. Did the Peter Pan ride, Small World again, tried to do Space Mountain again but that didn't work. Did Buzz Lightyear twice. I am a Space Ranger 1st Class, thanks. Stitch's Great Escape was ok. Fire works and the Electric Parade followed. Oh yeah, Haunted Mansion. Prolly funner when I was 5. A train ride and the astro orbiter, which I was terrified of.

Day 6: Magic Kingdom allllll day. Undoubtedly the hottest day of the whole trip. We did the stuff we hadn't gotten to yet. Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride, a Tiki Hut show, ummm...more characters maybe?? Did Splash Mountain, which was kinda disappointing. We took Sarah on a kiddie coaster...3 times in a row. We also did Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which was fun. Did Space Mountain twice in a row. Both times I was hysterical laughing cause there was women each time screaming their faces off. Which I guess reminded me of the first time I went on. I believe we did Buzz Lightyear again, and I can't remember anything else.

Day 7: We got up in the morning, and came home...that's about it.

I know there was a painful spinning roller coaster in there somewhere. And a trip to Wal-Mart...OMG DISNEYHASTHEBESTPIRATESTOREEVER!!!!! So yeah, it was fun.

Before we left, me and Virginia and Cathy went to see the Audition and My American Heart concert. That was fun too. My American Heart was amazing as always. After the show, we went to go but shirts and Dustin like, leaped over the merch table to give me a hug and thanked me for singing along. The Audtion was AMAZING. I got to sing, into the microphone (AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!) It was awesome. The lead singer, Danny, was getting really mad at this drunk girl who kept grabbing the mic cord and his pants. But all in all it was a fun experiance. Next up, AFI!!!!!!!!! Only...11 days!!!! WEEEEEEEEE!!! And, I now know how to play rummy...sorta.
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